• Basement Foundation Concrete Crack Repairs by Waterproofing System
  • Exterior Basement Foundation Waterproofing Application
  • Interior Basement Weeping Tile Drain System
  • French Drain Weeping Tile System / Drywell

01. Exterior French Drainage System

This type of drain will redirect water away from the foundation of your home, undermining hydrostatic pressure and the potential build up of water. This is achieved by digging a trench and then filling it with a porous pipe covered with gravel. The trench will cause ground water to be pulled away from your basement foundation to a runoff (lowspot) or into a drywell (a drywell is generally a wide and deep hole filled with gravel, used to dispose of unwanted water). This will not stop water from entering your basement / foundation. A french drain will only help with the amount of water that would other wise reach your envelope of the basement of your home. Please note it is always best to approach a leaking basement by waterproofing the foundation first. A french drain is more widely used when you have standing water on your property or low spots on your property to divert water away.

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